WayFiS: Way Finding for Seniors,
Personalized route planning and seniors guidance in complex paths (indoor/outdoor/pedestrian/public transport) application for Android.

WayFiS will allow seniors to overcome barriers and difficulties that often limit their possibility of feeling healthy-well and safe and that severely compromise their indoor and outdoor mobility.

Some of the innovative features that WayFiS will provide to seniors are:

  • Allowing to identify the optimal physical activity route
  • Identifying routes that match with nutrition needs and disease's restrictions
  • Avoiding inaccessible routes
  • Finding necessary facilities along the route
  • Routes optimized according to the user personal preferences and feelings about the route

Two-fold interfaces: Pc service for route pre-planning in the comfort of the home and mobile service with intuitive interface for real-time, continuous, reassuring guidance along the route


WayFiS is a two-fold service including an android application for guidance along the route and a web service for route pre-planning.

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