WayFiS is a two-fold service including a standard web service for route pre-planning and an Android OS application for guidance along the route.

The main features of this service are:

  • Profile creation with carer supervision.
  • Requirements identification based on profile characteristics.
  • Automatic PoIs identification based on the profile.
  • PoIs suggestions and possibility of introduction of favourite places (daughter’s home, etc.)
  • Route planning covering indoor, outdoor, pedestrian and public transport facilities.
  • Routes optimized according to the user limitations and requirements.
  • Real-time, continuous guidance along the route.
  • Notification to the user if out-of-route.
  • Possibility of changing the route a) on demand by the user; b) when out-of-route – by the service; c) by the service , when current route becomes invalid due to external circumstances, e.g., route accident or weather conditions.
  • Possibility to personalize and save routes and places to “favourites”.

If you want to try it by using the WayFiS Route Pre-planning Portal, just click on the following link:

WayFiS Route Pre-Planning Portal